I’m a Pre-Doc Fellow and Research Assistant in my first year of Grad school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign within the Department of Journalism. Prior to this, I have a background in Agribusiness, Climate Change and Food Security.

I have enjoyed working closely with an interdisciplinary group of scientists, administrators, extension specialists, and other development personnel on various projects in promoting and raising the public’s interest in, and awareness of, agricultural research—its activities and its products.

I also undertake graphic design, photography and web design projects as a freelancer; from designing logos and graphic materials for small businesses to re-branding initiatives for companies and agencies.

I enjoy doing audience research and my interests lies in multimedia content creation, applying them toward the goal of educating and developing intelligent consumers who are able to make informed choices.

Robert Frost, in his most iconic poem, The Road Not Taken, noted how having picked the road less traveled made all the difference to him and I look forward to where my interests and passion will take me!